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Feedback from Parents

I've been to many law conferences for special ed, but this one left me feeling that I can do this. I came out with a full plan of attack, and my son is set up for a great coming year! Because of your thorough guide to special ed law, we got what my son needed from the school! The portion about "what they district can't say, but often do..." was especially helpful in winning general education placement with an aide for my son. Your advice on recording the meeting was also a big key, as we had the district citing reasons they neglected giving my son FAPE in the LRE as: budget, staffing, potty training, and even the hilarious, "If we give it to you, we'll have to give it to other parents!" After giving them a letter citing the several transcribed, unlawful responses, they quickly gave us all we sought out for our son. Retained in preschool but in general ed (instead of special day class) with aide in fall instead of kindergarten special ed. I felt strongly against moving him forward (social promotion) when he had not met academic preschool skills yet. Thanks to you and Lynne Arnold, so many kids are going to get what they need! P.S. I love your twitter updates! Keep them coming!!

Robin in San Diego

I just wanted to say that I attended Law Day last year, and it was unlike any other IEP conference I have ever attended. Rather than focusing on the details of the IDEA law, the conference concentrated instead on IEP strategies which are immediately usable.

Many IEP workgroups/seminars are lead by schools or administrators.  This seminar is led by a super smart mom and her lawyer and an extremely knowledgable  psychologist (regarding evaluations).  Every minute of the presenation contains something worth writing down.  It was equally as entertaining, as Ms. Arnold speaks from experience and tells it like it is with regard to the struggles parents face in formulating an IEP which fits their child; she is coming from a place where many of us have been and can definitely relate.

Diane in Florida

The year I attended Law Day at TACA (2007) was the year my son's program at school imploded.  It was a complete disaster. Learning to "write a letter to a stranger" was a huge help. Learning what questions to ask in an IEP was huge! What a difference it makes when you ask "How many children are in group speech" and realize the school personnel is squirming because it is the entire class!!

After 3 IEPs and 3 resolution meetings we ultimately received a great offer from the school district and have been able to keep the program for two years.  I think the "Letter to a Stranger" made a huge difference and even the district personnel commented on how well written it was.

Mom in Southern California

We knew things weren't going right for our daughter. She had been "thrown under the bus" as my husband says. After my husband and I attended Law Day two years ago we realized that our daughter's was one of those cases that was so badly handled it was to our benefit at this point. The district had done almost nothing right so we got to work. We hired some wonderful experts to evaluate our daughter and we hired an attorney (okay it was Adams and Associates) and we got to work to get her educational needs met. After a year and a half our daughter is getting what she needs, she is starting to use words and her behaviors are getting better all the time. She has a long way to go, but spent years trying to get done what we've finally accomplished armed with the right information and a great team behind us. Law Day was the turning point to hope in our daughter's life.

Linda in Chino, CA

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